Atlas Lab was born out of a collaboration between the Mozilla Foundation and the Digital Freedom Fund with

the goal to bridge the knowledge gap between technology and law — with the core focus on human rights defenders working on AI court cases around the world.

Atlas Lab is an educational resource for lawyers to learn about automated decision making technologies (without having to learn to code) and a resource to cultivate collective legal strategy and collaboration for AI court cases across the globe.



Aurum Linh is a Creatrix* of Atlas Lab with extensive experience working in software development at companies like Adobe, IDEO CoLab, and Internet Archive. Aurum sees technology as a tool that cannot be separated from the social and political context in which it is designed, developed, and deployed. They firmly believe that how machines make decisions is a human rights issue - because biased people do not make neutral technology.

*Creatrix is the gender-neutral term for Creator/Creatress

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Jonathan McCully is a Creator of Atlas Lab with over six years of experience working in human rights litigation. Jonathan believes the courts play an indispensable role in promoting, vindicating and safeguarding our human rights. As machines are increasingly supporting decision-making that have a real-world impact on our rights, including through the exacerbation or further entrenchment of existing human rights breaches, we must push the courts to save us from these machines through litigation.

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Thank you to our sponsors:


Thank you to Yanci Flores for building our brand from the ground up, developing our marketing strategies, designing and developing our website, and for illustrating our social media graphics.

Thank you to the case study illustrators, Justina Leston and Cynthia Alonso.

We would also like to thank those who took time to share their ideas for this site at a workshop in February 2020: Alan Dahi, Alexander Ottosson, Amy Rose, Amos Toh, Anne van Kesteren, Antoin O’Lachtnain, Balázs Dénes, Bijan Moini, Dan Meredith, David Cabo, Eduardo Santos, Eleftherios Chelioudakis, Emin Aslanov, Erika Leonaitė, Evelyn Austin, Fanny Hidvégi, Hugo Roy, Ilia Siatitsa, James Farrar, Jen Persson, Joe Tomlinson, Karmen Turk, Karolina Iwańska, Krzysztof Izdebski, Lori Roussey, Maria Leoni, Martin Williams, Máté Szabó, Megan Goulding, Nora Mbagathi, Oksana Prychodko, Paloma Krõõt Tupay, Petra Molnar, Philip Hoffman, Rasha Abdul  Rahim, Reuben Morais, Rosie Mears, Sándor Léderer, Tijmen Wisman and Zhulieta Mandazhieva.


We would also like to thank all the lawyers, activists, technologists, and those affected by the systems who have given us a helpful steer over the last few months. All errors and omissions remain our own.